ACA Partners with Hockeystick to Provide Data Insights to Improve Member Returns

By: Marianne Hudson, ACA Executive Director

The Angel Capital Association is excited to announce our partnership with Hockeystick, the premier data and software provided for the private investing market.  The relationship with Hockeystick will allow ACA to make huge strides with the Angel Funders Report, an ongoing data initiative to improve investment outcomes, by creating an easy to use, free portal to submit the data to behind the public report. 

Knowing the value of the Angel Funders Report for our members, ACA began the search for a data provider to join us in the strategic initiative to eventually be able to provide insight that would allow our members to make better decisions and to improve your investment outcomes in the future.  It was also important that the data platform allowed members to keep their data private.  After consideration of proposals submitted to ACA through a formal request process, Hockeystick was selected to partner with ACA based on their analytics platform, tracking tools, excellent customer service and experience working with angel groups.  ACA is benefitting from Hockeystick’s experience as the platform for the Canadian startup ecosystem.  The company currently powers reports of the Canadian Venture Capital Association and National Angel Capital Association. 

Hockeystick is building an easy-to-use portal for members to submit data for the Angel Funders Report.  This new portal will be unveiled next week at the ACA Leadership Workshop and available for demonstration at Hockeystick’s booth outside the Screening Room.  Features of the Hockeystick platform are:

  • Groups will have immediate access to reports and have the ability to see real-time visual data. 
  • Privacy is a priority for Hockeystick and ACA, so all group data hosted in the portal will never be sold and groups can keep their data as private as they would like. 
  • Angel groups always own and control their own data. 
  • There are many fantastic features and benefits that the Hockeystick portal will provide to ACA members.  Groups can benchmark activities and results to aggregated data from organizations in your region, similar structures or common focuses. 
  • Administrators can also export data to other data platforms (e.g. CrunchBase or the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, etc.).  

In addition to the data platform, Hockeystick also offers tools for angel groups that are interested in an enhanced experience to manage deal flow, operations and portfolio monitoring.  As more groups participate in the Angel Funders Report data initiative, the amount of data will continue to grow, which will allow ACA to provide meaningful insights to benefit our members.

When asked why Hockeystick was interested in joining forces with ACA, founder and CEO, Raymond Luk, responded, “We are honored to partner with ACA, the voice of the US angel investor community and the industry’s flagship trade association. Angels play a crucial role in the development of high-growth companies and data is the next big step forward for the angel asset class.” 

The relationship between Hockeystick and ACA is beneficial to both organizations regarding data, since having more data submitted to the platform will increase the revenues for Hockeystick’s research.  ACA is pleased to be working with an organization that understands the needs of angels and not only has their best interests in mind with data analysis, but also appreciates the work that ACA does on behalf of angels in North America and the startup ecosystem.