Introducing the ACA Angel Funders Report

ACA is continuing the strategic data initiative with the 2019 Angel Funders Report to provide angels with insights on the factors that affect the outcomes of startup investments.  This is a critical project for the angel industry and ACA member groups, who are at the core of the data.  Click here to learn more about why you should participate.

Angel groups will learn from the data and analysis to help their member angels make better decisions and grow their access to quality deal flow. The 2019 Angel Funders Report covers 2018 data from 68 angel groups and includes new insights from 1,170 investments, including how many angels invest per deal, the experience level of the startup CEO and whether the angel group is represented on the company’s board.

In addition to the 2018 data, the report includes examples of insights found from two angel groups that have analyzed their own data and results:

  • There is no correlation between deal size and outcomes
  • Successful exits take time, and this often exceeds the period in which many companies go out of business
  • Portfolio diversification is important – investing in more companies increases chances of a positive return

Readers can expect to receive additional insights on exits in future reports.

Read the Angel Funders Report

The Angel Capital Association is your authority on angel investment information!  The Angel Funders Report, powered by Hockeystick, is the only official report from ACA for angel investment data in North America.  Quality and accuracy are verified by collecting information directly from our member groups and then validated through the efforts of our data partner, Hockeystick, ensuring the most reliable information in the market today.

Future of the Angel Funders Report

ACA is currently planning to publish two reports per year and then go to quarterly publication when the dataset is larger, but we need your help!  The Angel Funders Report is open for all ACA member organizations to participate by submitting their data so your group or platform can fully benefit from this new initiative, created to support ACA members – at your request.  Learn more about the Angel Funders Report here

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