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Resources for New Angels

Angel investing is an exciting way to invest in innovative startups.  Successful angels take advantage of the wisdom of other angels to ensure a strong investment portfolio. 

How can you create your best chance for success as an angel investor? Decide if and how to get started from those who are already successful. Check out Investor IQ - a great tool before you start investing with handy resources as you go.

Forbes—Trending Angel Topics

Stay current with insight on angel investing from Marianne Hudson, angel investor and executive director of Angel Capital Association and weekly contributor to Forbes.com.

Inc.—Angel Insights for Entrepreneurs

Christopher Mirabile, Chair of Angel Capital Association and co-Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group, provides useful information for entrepreneurs and angels investors to share with portfolio companies in his bi-weekly Inc.com article.

"How To" Books by ACA Members

Successful angels never stop learning. Take advantage of the insights from these active investors, authors and ACA members.

Maximize the Power of 14,000+ Angels

Angel investing is better with access to a great team. Your network is key. ACA connects angels for success.

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