Luis Villalobos Award 

Honoring innovative companies funded by ACA members

The Luis Villalobos Award recognizes the most ingenious and innovative idea recently financed by members of the Angel Capital Association. Each year three finalists are selected to attend the ACA Summit and honored as a group. The award is presented from among this group to the CEO of the winning company during the annual awards ceremony.

This award honors Luis Villalobos, who founded the Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest and most respected angel organizations in the world, in 1997. Companies funded by Tech Coast Angels have raised more than $1 billion to date. He was a true “leading light” in the angel field, making nearly 60 personal investments, educating numerous angels, and particularly in educating and mentoring entrepreneurs before he passed away in 2009. He was a sought-after expert and speaker about sophisticated angel investment. Luis appreciated ingenuity and entrepreneurial thinking in every aspect of life, and always looked to invest in and mentor the most innovative companies.

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Hans Severiens Award 

Honoring individuals who advance angel investing

The Hans Severiens Award is presented annually to recognize an individual's or team of individuals' work in advancing the field of angel investing, named after the founder of the Band of Angels. Consideration for nomination is intentionally broad, from legislators to industry leaders to academia, in recognition of the broad reach and impact of angel investing. Individuals or teams of individuals may be self or third-party nominated.

Criteria for selection include the following:
1. Depth and breadth of individual's impact on advancement of angel investing.
2. Leadership in bringing awareness to the vital role of angel investing in the support of entrepreneurial companies.
3. Contribution to the knowledge base of angel investing.
4. Respect and recognition by peers for contributions to the angel investment industry.
5. General accomplishments which have influenced or benefited the angel investment community.

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