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The North American professional association of active accredited investors provides unparalleled access to trending ideas and professional knowledge to help improve returns and promote effective public policies for angels and startups.  Although not a funding source, ACA provides entrepreneurs an inside view into how angels think.

ACA's Data Analytics initiative includes two reports: Angel Funders Report (angel group investments) and The American Angel (individual investments). Watch ACA Executive Director, Marianne Hudson, highlight key points at The FUND Conference.

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2019 ACA Summit

The 2019 ACA Summit is the world’s premier professional development event for angel investors. 

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Knowledge is power. Take advantage of the robust ACA Knowledge Center, built from the world’s most active community of angels sharing insights and best practices for investing success. Entrepreneurs, use ACA information to learn about angels and how angel investing works.

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Events—Engage, Meet Up, Syndicate

Angel investing is not a solo sport. Use ACA to build the right-sized, right-fit community of resources you need. ACA events provide a diversity of investment knowledge and connections. Engage, meet and learn from accredited angels in groups, platforms and unaffiliated angels on a North American, regional and local level.

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Discover How ACA Fuels the Startup Ecosystem

As the world’s largest community of preferred providers of capital, ACA represents and connects the most active seed-stage investors across North America. Although not a direct funding source, ACA works with incubators, universities, economic development organizations and others to support entrepreneurship and assist startups in their quest for knowledge about angel capital.

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Bringing the Voice of Angels to Washington, DC

Changing laws and regulations impact your ability to continue angel investing. ACA is in the trenches and unites grassroots angel efforts as needed to build supportive American public policies that protect angel investing and its role in job creation. ACA is your top resource for understanding and influencing critical angel issues in Washington, DC and in your own state.

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