At the 2024 Summit of Angel Investing, the Angel Capital Association (ACA) awarded its most prestigious recognition, the Hans Severiens Award, to Sage Growth Capital’s Partner and past member of the Angel Capital Association Board of Directors Dr. Kevin Learned.
The Angel Capital Association formed a task force of established early-stage investors and attorneys who routinely represent both founders and investors in early stage financings. Read more and get the model...
As angels, we want to believe in the adage that “our human capital helps to de-risk our financial capital.” But what does that mean, and is there any factual basis for our faith? At Launchpad we wanted to find out, and we looked to see if we could use our data to do it. To see what our data told us, we looked at 105 portfolio companies that had been with us for at least 18 months from our initial investment, including both active companies and exited portfolio companies. As expected, we did see a lift in returns associated with both doing full diligence and with leading the round and providing the term-sheet.
The Luis Villalobos Award recognizes the most ingenious and innovative ideas recently financed by members of the Angel Capital Association. Two category winners will be selected to attend the ACA Summit and honored live and throughout the event. The award is presented to the winning CEOs during the annual awards ceremony at the 2024 ACA Summit (May 13-15, 2024). Companies in all investment sectors are invited to participate and will be considered for one of two Category Winner opportunities.
Every great startup starts with a great idea. Founders and investors need the help of experienced legal advisers to develop a thriving business.
This historical or look back perspective is based on a survey conducted by the Angel Capital Association in Q1 and Q2 of 2021 compared to the same survey conduct two years later in 2023. As a result, we are able to understand and contrast the sentiments of angel groups in 2023 compared to 2021. It is important to look back and review actual data around angel group behavior in order to dispel theories or unsubstantiated assumptions people may have during these two important timeframes.
In conducting due diligence for early stage companies, we often consider a company’s portfolio of patents and/or patents pending. If the idea behind the company is compelling, most likely there will be competitors and we’d like to understand what (if any) barriers the company has to such competition. Patents are an obvious potential barrier
The ACA and angel investing community are thrilled to welcome Dr. Charu Ramanathan as a keynote speaker to the Summit of Angel Investing in Columbus, OH. Dr. Ramanathan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vitalxchange.
The Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit represents a beacon for black investors, founders, and high-growth startups. This event, heralded as the industry’s flagship, convenes a diverse community of new and experienced angel investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurial minds to explore critical topics and trends in angel investing. The summit offers an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and investment discovery, specifically tailored to empower the black entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are a few benefits that can be experienced by attending this dynamic event.
The Ann and Bill Payne ACA Angel University program has been on the road to educate new angels!