ACA is undergoing a significant back office infrastructure upgrade to better serve our members! In the next several weeks we will be initiating a staged launch of a new software system designed specifically for association membership management. We want to assure you that the implementation will be met with added security to go along with the added functionality that will allow us to better serve you and we anticipate minimal to no disruption or inconvenience in our member servicing.


Q: What is this back office infrastructure upgrade all about?

A: As an organization that is continuously striving to improve our operations and to provide unparalleled service to our members, we are investing in the main software system that tracks all of our member and prospect related information and activity. We have selected GrowthZone as our new association management system (AMS) software and are getting close to launch.

Q: So what does this mean for me?

A: As an individual member of ACA the upgrade will be seamless and painless but come with added security and better information on your interests which we will use to better serve you. Group leaders, operators, and administrators will receive those same benefits while also having some additional functionality to enhance the member experience as it relates to their role in managing the group.

Q: Will I be paying for this upgrade through my member dues?

A: No, thanks to the generosity of our many donors to the Angel Investor Foundation’s Seed the Future Campaign, we will be utilizing raised funds to invest in our future. We have always been price sensitive to the fees we charge for all of our products and services and therefore have not always had the available capital needed to invest in the future of the organization and our members. Seed the Future changed that by allowing us to raise needed capital to grow the business. With that said, there remain constant cost pressures that must be offset by our revenue model. While ACA is a non-profit organization, that is simply a tax designation and not a business model. We must operate with the discipline of any other business.

Q: I am concerned about the security of my member information and what might be out there. Should I be?

A: While no system is fool proof, we take member information and security seriously at ACA. We never rent our lists nor provide member information to others outside of the ACA universe. The new software will improve security for two reasons. Old software that was designed before bad actors/hackers were prevalent did not have security “baked in” and many holes existed. GrowthZone was designed with security in mind. The second reason is that more systems means more potential security breaches. We will be moving from myriad systems integrated and talking to each other to a significantly streamlined offering with GrowthZone at the core. It simply means, moving forward, there are less points of intrusion for the bad guys to exploit.

Q: Will the website be impacted?

A: Yes, but not because the AMS controls the website but because we are simultaneously undergoing a revamp of our current website. That will launch in the near future as well and will be integrated in to the new functionality of the AMS along with new functionality provided by the latest enhancements, like search, being deployed by today’s website developers. Keep in mind our current website is operating on proprietary s/w that is more than a decade old! This brand-new website is being designed to enhance your membership experience. With an easy-to-use member directory, an interactive calendar of events, and more. We are committed to ensuring that our website becomes an invaluable resource for your ongoing journey through angel investing.

Q: What else is involved?

A: An improved members-only "Info-Hub": Get ready for our cutting-edge Member Portal/Member Center. An all-in-one platform that will revolutionize how you interact with the ACA and your fellow members. From updating your member directory information to seamless event registration and invoice payment, the InfoHub will simplify your engagement with us and your fellow members.

Q: Will this give my local Angel Group amplified connectivity and/or brand awareness?

A: Yes, the new database and website will empower you to forge stronger connections with fellow members. Through various features and functionalities, your group's brand awareness will be significantly boosted across numerous platforms.

Q: Will this tie into the software my group uses to track investments?

A: No. This is an Association Management System (AMS) that is designed specifically for managing the operations of a member organization. It is not designed nor will it be used to manage investments. While most angel groups do have such a back office investment management platform, those will remain separate and part of the operations of each member group not connected to ACA in any way.

Q: What do I do if I am adversely impacted or have future challenges tied to the new system?

A: While we are taking every possible measure to ensure a smooth transition during this period, there is a possibility of a brief interruption in website access. However, please rest assured that our dedicated staff remains readily available to address all your needs. We will use this URL and FAQ to update all of our members of any pending changes, anticipated outages or specific actions to take. Please look back regularly or if you have any issues.

Q: What happens next?

A: A few weeks from now, you will receive an email prompting you to sign-in and create a new log-in for the user. It is crucial you do so to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of our new database. Although there will be a fresh look and feel, we assure you that our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and the immense value of your membership remains unchanged. We are excited about the positive transformations that lie ahead and cannot wait to deliver even greater benefits to you. Thank you for being a valued member of our association. We greatly appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you better than ever before.

The staff team is working with select volunteer leaders and representatives from GrowthZone, the company that has built the association management system, to establish the optimal configuration for our present and future needs. This will involve the implementation and utilization of such modules as:

  • Event Management
  • Form Builder
  • Project Management
  • Sponsor/Ad Management
  • Chapter Management
  • Fundraising
  • Web Content
  • Contacts
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Store
  • Communications
  • Lists/Committee Management
  • Billing
  • Member Management
  • InfoHub/Member Center
  • Member Directory
  • …and more

In the days and weeks ahead, look for more on this new and exciting integration. 

What will be available when we launch?

  • Subscriptions: You can choose which communications you receive.
  • Events: Future ACA events and registrations will be managed here. 
  • Billing: You can manage your information for secure transactions 
  • Directory: Group Leaders can manage member listings for ACA community access 
  • Forums: All members can engage with ongoing conversations