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In conducting due diligence for early stage companies, we often consider a company’s portfolio of patents and/or patents pending. If the idea behind the company is compelling, most likely there will be competitors and we’d like to understand what (if any) barriers the company has to such competition. Patents are an obvious potential barrier
The ACA and angel investing community are thrilled to welcome Dr. Charu Ramanathan as a keynote speaker to the Summit of Angel Investing in Columbus, OH. Dr. Ramanathan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vitalxchange.
The Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit represents a beacon for black investors, founders, and high-growth startups. This event, heralded as the industry’s flagship, convenes a diverse community of new and experienced angel investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurial minds to explore critical topics and trends in angel investing. The summit offers an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and investment discovery, specifically tailored to empower the black entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are a few benefits that can be experienced by attending this dynamic event.
As the digital world advances swiftly, Web3 (or Web 3.0) and the decentralized internet are reshaping our daily online interactions. In this new environment, you’re not just observing; you become an active participant, a creator, challenging the conventional, centralized structures. This article provides a thorough introduction, offering insights and perspectives for understanding and engaging with emerging technologies, including investment strategies.
K Gates, in partnership with the Alliance of Angels, will be hosting a workshop that will explain the requirements of the CTA, including what entities are covered by the CTA, who has obligations to report the information, what information must be reported and how to protect the confidentiality of this information. 
The Angel Capital Association is excited to announce our partnership with PixelEdge. With more than 20 years of experience investing in startups among the leadership team at PixelEdge, they understand the challenges facing angels in today's evolving landscape. Pixeledge is a product studio; building digital solutions and ensuring product-market fit.
For many emerging companies, the next step is an exit through a private acquisition or merger. If the company is not properly prepared, this exit may be difficult or even less likely to occur. Angel investors, as frequent board members, board observers and informal advisors, may be able to encourage their portfolio companies to take steps to encourage a successful exit.
In this article, we will look at 6 checkpoints that angel investors, regardledd of experience, can use to evaluate an investment opportunity better.
In this article, we’ll review the key M activity trends from 2023 and examine the economic factors, geopolitical influences, and industry developments that could shape the M landscape in 2024.
K Gates is proud to continue our sponsorship of the ACA, in support and collaboration of its mission to catalyze angel investing resources and drive thought leadership in the early-state capital ecosystem.