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ACA is a professional society of accredited angel investors who make up the world's most prolific early-stage investment class.  The association is the largest professional development organization for angel investors in the world deploying more than $650 million in early stage capital each year.  ACA provides an insider perspective that can help you make smart investment decisions

ACA by the Numbers:

  • 15,000+ member accredited angel investors
  • 250 angel groups, accredited platforms and family offices
  • 30,000+ entrepreneurial companies in ACA member investment portfolios

Angels: Be Part of a Community of "Preferred Providers" of Capital

Three ways ACA helps smart, professional angels make more high quality investments:

  1. Knowledge sharing, best practices and insights from top angels to ensure smarter investment decisions
  2. Connections to vetted angels to support your deal flow and syndication processes
  3. Representation to public policy makers to safeguard angel investor rights

How to Use ACA

Angels and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Angels and entrepreneurs need each other.  Although ACA is not a source of capital itself, it is the source for critical information and data that aligns the needs of angels, entrepreneurs, and the startup support community.

Startups and the American Economy

  • Prolific:  Angel investors support up to 90% of outside equity raised by startups (after friends and family)
  • High Impact: estimated $25B in 70,000 companies each year
  • Jobs: Over a 25-year period, firms younger than five years accounted for all of the net new jobs in the U.S.
  • Economic growth:  Research shows that the largest growth comes from high-growth, innovative startups, the kind angels fund

Entrepreneurs Count on Angels

  • Business mentoring, monitoring and guidance
  • Critical connections for customers, additional funders and acquirers
  • Beyond funding, exit experience and strategies

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