The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures. ACA provides professional developmentindustry voicepublic policy advocacy and an array of benefits and resources to its membership of 13,000 individual accredited investors who invest individually or through more than 240 angel groups and platforms.


  • Mission Statement:  To fuel the success of the accredited angel investor community through advocacy, education and connection building. 

  • Vision:  ACA is recognized as the trusted authority in angel investing.

  • Values:
    • Learning/Curiosity – Recognize and promote best practices.
    • Integrity/Trust – Ensure transparency, trust and high ethical standards in all activities and relationships.
    • Strategic Leadership – Be a source of insightful, inspirational, and forward thinking leadership.
    • Collaboration – Provide collaboration, networking and syndication opportunities for the angel community.
    • Respect – Ensure honest, respectful relationships with all constituents, including investors, entrepreneurs, sponsors and others.
    • Diversity – Encourage diversity in people and cultures throughout the angel community.


As an organization that was established by angel groups for angel groups, the Angel Capital Association is led by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of leading angel groups.  Below are Board Officers and Directors for terms through June 30, 2017.

Board Officers

Christopher Mirabile
Launchpad Venture Group
Linda L. Smith
Vice Chair
Sierra Angels
Parker MacDonell
Ohio TechAngels
David Verrill
Executive Committee
Hub Angels Investment Group

Board of Directors

Faz Bashi
Life Science Angels 

Elaine Bolle
RTP Capital Associates

Michael Cain
Willimington Investor Network 

Jim Connor 
Sand Hill Angels

Marcia Dawood
Golden Seeds/ BlueTree 
Allied Angels
Matt Dunbar 
Upstate Carolina Angel Network 
Mike Eckert
NO/LA Angel Network
Ross Finlay 
First Angel Network/ NACO

Steve Flaim
Tech Coast Angels
Angela Jackson
Portland Seed Fund
Kevin Laws
Kevin Learned
Boise Angel Alliance

Jean Peters 
Golden Seeds 
Dick Reeves 
Angel Syndicates Central
Tony Shipley
Queen City Angels

Chairs Emeritus and Ex Officio

John Huston
Ohio TechAngels

Catherine Mott
BlueTree Allied Angels

New Officers and Directors as of July 1, 2017

Linda Smith

Tony Shipley
Vice Chair

Peter Adams

Trish Costello


Marianne Hudson
Executive Director
Sarah Dickey
Membership Director
Lucy Howell
Partnership Director
Heather Krejci
Operations/Marketing Manger
Graeme Thickins