Hans Severiens Award 

Honoring individuals who advance angel investing

The Hans Severiens Award is presented annually to recognize an individual or team of individuals' work in advancing the field of angel investing. Consideration for nomination is intentionally broad, from legislators to industry leaders to academia, in recognition of the broad reach and impact of angel investing. Individuals may be self or third-party nominated.

Criteria for selection include the following:
1. Depth and breadth of impact on advancement of angel investing.
2. Leadership in bringing awareness to the vital role of angel investing in the support of entrepreneurial companies.
3. Contribution to the knowledge base of angel investing.
4. Respect and recognition by peers for contributions to the angel investment industry.
5. General accomplishments which have influenced or benefited the angel investment community.

Nominate for the Hans Severiens Award

2023 Winner

Tony Shipley
Queen City Angels

Las Vegas, NV (May 17, 2023) – The Angel Capital Association awarded the Hans Severiens Award for outstanding achievement to Tony Shipley.

2022 Winner

Dan Rosen
Alliance of Angels

Atlantic City, NJ (May 18, 2022) – Today, the Angel Capital Association awarded the Hans Severiens Award for outstanding achievement to Dan Rosen.

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Hans Severiens Award Honorees

2021Hambleton Lord
2021Christopher Mirabile
Launchpad Venture Group

2020Alicia Robb
Next Wave Impact

2019 Marianne Hudson
Angel Capital Association
2018David Verrill,
Hub Angels

Catherine V. Mott,
BlueTree Allied Angels
2016 Brad Feld,
Foundry Group

Susan Preston,
Seattle Angel Fund

2014 Jean Hammond,
Hub Angels, Launchpad
& Golden Seeds


Rob Wiltbank,


John Huston,
Ohio TechAngel Funds

2011 James Geshwiler,
CommonAngels Ventures

John May,
New Vantage Group


Bill Payne
Frontier Angels


Stephanie Newby,
Golden Seeds


Luis Villalobos,
Tech Coast Angels


Jeffrey Sohl,
Center for Venture Research,
University of New Hampshire


Bob Goff,
Sierra Angels