Angel Capital Association Syndication Webinar Series

Negotiating and Harmonizing Term Sheets for Syndication

Syndicating deals to other angel groups is a growing trend in the US, particularly in a challenging economic environment where Venture Capital is scarce. With valuations trending down, there is a real need for harmonizing term sheets for a syndicated deal, particularly if the angel group syndicating their portfolio company is looking for a third party valuation.

This Webinar is a presentation and discussion of what the key terms are for any deal, and in particular, a set of suggestions and ideas for bringing multiple angel groups to support a harmonized term sheet that takes into account the market conditions as well as existing and new investor covenants.

Four experienced angels and angel group leaders from across the US provide their experiences, sample term sheets, and answer questions from participants who want to syndicate a deal with fair terms for all parties.


  • Frank Peters - Member and Former Chairman, Tech Coast Angels (California)
  • James Geshwiler - Managing Director, Common Angels (Massachusetts)
  • Michael Gruber - Managing Director, Cornerstone Angels (Illinois)
  • Katherine O'Neill - Managing Director, JumpStart New Jersey Angels (New Jersey)

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