Angel Capital Association Syndication Webinar Series

The Growing Trend of Syndication Between Angel Groups Why, How, and When

There is a growing trend in the US for angel groups within regions and beyond to syndicate deals to one-another. The motivation is clear financial risk is reduced, there is power in the wisdom of crowds, and there is clearly a lack of venture capital for many companies. Join ACA member groups for a presentation and discussion of why groups are syndicating, what ingredients make for successful syndication, which tools and processes are being used, and the potential issues to beware of.

Five ACA angel group leaders from across the US provide experiences, and answer questions from participants who want to start syndicating, make their existing syndication process better, or discuss specific issues in syndication.

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Syndication Basics- Why, How, and When is the first in a four-part series on syndication. Please visit each of the Webinar pages to learn more and to view the archives of the other Syndication Webinars in the series: