ACA Announces Skillcloud Consulting Group Partnership

The Angel Capital Association is excited to announce our newest partnership with Skillcloud Consulting Group - a company that creates customizable HR Managed Services to run your growing payroll, benefits, HR support and talent acquisition.

Recognizing the dynamic environment early-stage startups operate within, Skillcloud Consulting Group has partnered with the ACA to offer our customizable HR Managed Services specifically designed to address companies' evolving needs as they mature from Pre-Seed to Series C. The company’s solutions are geared to save startups precious time and money so founders can focus on building their company. 

"ACA is pleased to give our investors and their portfolio companies a scalable solution to meeting their changing HR needs. Skillcloud Consulting Group allows early stage companies to focus on their core business and growth while offering customized services for each step of the journey. Every startup should know about Skillcloud and the innovative business model they offer the early-stage community,” said Pat Gouhin, CEO of the ACA.

The team is leveraging more than a decade of experience to offer these packages for ACA members.

“We understand startups have finite resources and need flexible HR solutions, so we don’t just hand over a platform and expect founders to take on more work - we supply real managed services across payroll, benefits, strategic HR advisory, and talent acquisition. This partnership signifies our commitment to providing solutions that are effective and adaptable, ensuring startups have the support they need as they scale,” said Dan O'Connell, Partner, Skillcloud Consulting Group. 

To learn more, go online here!

If you're interested in becoming a Partner with the ACA, please reach out to Damien Delgado, Director of Partnerships.


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