Seed the Future Campaign Major Announcement: Surpasses $1.0 MIL Mark Toward $2.3 MIL Goal

The Angel Investor Foundation’s Seed the Future Campaign is in full swing, and we are pleased to report that we have surpassed $1.0 million toward our $2.3 million goal!

This is due to the hundreds of dedicated angels around the country who have already given generously. By joining this effort, you can ensure that the AIF and the Angel Capital Association are better equipped to serve a more diverse network of entrepreneurs and Angels in the coming years.

Here at the AIF, our mission is to advance the art and science of angel investing to accelerate innovation and economic growth. We are focused on developing accessible, comprehensive paths that lead to generational wealth creation for all.

To date, we have accomplished nearly half of our fundraising goal, and have already begun putting those funds to work. Thanks to early gifts to the campaign, we have already made significant strategic investments in the areas of education and development which now allow us to better serve our members, the community and scale for the future. The successful launch of the Ann & Bill Payne ACA Angel University and increased number of educated investors in the space has already begun yielding industry wide results. 

This is a great time for your Angel Group to bolster these efforts and make a worthwhile economic impact. Funding for the Seed the Future campaign also helped make the 2022 AFR an accessible and reliable resource. In the next phases of our campaign, funding will be funneled toward industry wide data analytics and syndication involving both resources and infrastructure.

Go online to donate directly. For questions on how to set up a campaign for your angel group, or more information on how to get involved, please reach out to Development Director Katelynne Staehnke.


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