The Angel Capital Association Issues Statement in Support of the Fearless Fund

At the Angel Capital Association, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive entrepreneurial environment makes for a more competitive and more resilient economy. We are committed to expanding the diversity of angel investors and the entrepreneurs they support. We believe that varied lived experiences bring needed insight and perspective that ultimately helps us make better, more informed decisions.   

As the catalyst for companies at the earliest stages, we recognize that access to resources and opportunities needed to pursue founding a company are not equitably distributed in society. It is through the aggregation of funding, provided by sources like the Fearless Fund as well as angel investors, other capital allocators, and entrepreneur support organizations, that will not only bridge the funding gap but will also create better solutions, drive innovation and develop a more robust ecosystem. 

If you would like more information or to engage with the Angel Capital Association DEI Task Force, please reach out


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