ACA Welcomes Carta as a New Partner

Angel investors are outstanding examples of investors putting "skin in the game" to support the next generation of founders and technological innovation. Angel communities are collective investing networks that operate direct investments, syndicates and Angel Funds. The ACA supports and champions these angel communities while Carta provides the infrastructure to help support investors and founders with fundraising. Carta has partnered with the ACA to provide Angels and their networks with the right tools, knowledge, and network to effectively invest in early-stage startups.

The ACA is pleased to partner with Carta and help connect its suite of investment support services to the angel community. For years Carta has proven its dedication to the angel investment space with its software solutions dedicated to equity management, SPV creation, startup valuation and more. We are pleased to call Carta a long-term ally and hope our members will consider doing the same.

If you're interested in becoming a Partner with the ACA, please reach out to Damien Delgado, Director of Partnerships