ACA Signs Cooperation Agreements with Two Colleague Organizations in Europe

By: Emily Angold, ACA Marketing Manager

Collaboration with smart angels to enhance our ecosystem is a top priority for ACA and many other angel organizations.  ACA recently signed cooperation agreements with two of our colleague angel associations, one with the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and the other with Business Angels Europe (BAE).  The two agreements are similar, with the goals of sharing knowledge and content, and cooperating on events, among other things. 

ACA is pleased to collaborate with both EBAN and BAE, and to be increasingly viewed as a thought leader in angel investing.  These cooperation agreements will allow our European counterparts to learn more about North American smart practices and we also look forward to learning from them.  The year-long agreements encourage each association to work together in support of the development of mutually beneficial activities and projects.

“These cooperation agreements allow our organizations to learn from each other and share best practices to help enhance the angel ecosystem in multiple countries,” says Linda Smith, Chair of ACA’s Board of Directors.  “They indicate a broader global view for ACA, expanding our reach to identify smart ideas in early-stage investing.”

The European Business Angels Network represents the interests of business angels, seed funds and early stage market players, such as incubators and innovation hubs, across Europe.  EBAN provides training, education, networking, and visibility to its members, and is also active helping angel associations in Africa and the Middle East start and grow. 

Cheers after ACA and EBAN sign the cooperation agreement at the EBAN Welcome Reception at the 2018 ACA Summit – Jacopo Losso (EBAN), Linda Smith (ACA), Marianne Hudson (ACA) and Riku Asikainen (EBAN).

Business Angels Europe is a confederation of the business angel federations and trade associations in Europe’s most active and developed countries.  Among BAE’s many services and projects is a BAE Club for cross-border collaboration, a Knowledge Center, research to expand angel investing on the continent, and capacity building in 44 countries (ESIL - European Early Stage Investment Launchpad)..

Luigi Amati (BAE) and Linda Smith (ACA) shake hands at the 2018 ACA Summit in Boston.

A key part of the agreements for ACA is providing the associations the ability to offer discounts to their members for the ACA International Access Package.  Angels or angel groups that purchase this package gain access to ACA webinars, member registration to ACA Summits, and receipt of ACA’s member newsletter.

ACA is already benefiting from these collaborations.  We are pleased to share with ACA members research reports from both organizations:

ACA’s cooperation agreements signed by EBAN and BAE provide all organizations with the ability to learn from our colleagues, share critical knowledge to benefit angel investors and strengthen the relationships between angel networks all over the world.