ACA Announces Partnership with Linqto

Angel Capital Association Announces Partnership with Linqto, CEO to Speak


The Angel Capital Association (ACA) has announced a partnership with Linqto, a leading global private markets investment platform that provides accredited investors with access to some of the world’s most sought-after, privately-held companies.

“The key to success in angel investing is having proper diversification. Through a partnership with Linqto, we are happy to offer ACA members a new option to add later-stage companies to their portfolio complementing the early-stage investments that are the bread and butter of every angel group. Linqto offers a streamlined approach with many possibilities for increasing portfolio diversification with late-stage investments,” said Pat Gouhin, Angel Capital Association CEO. 

Linqto is hosting a three-day virtual Global Investor Conference December 6-8, 2022, at which Gouhin will present as a featured speaker. This conference brings together the bright minds, savvy investors and those building world-changing companies. The conference is an opportunity for those angels who want to make informed investment decisions to gather a 360-degree view on today and tomorrow.

Throughout the event, presenters will be scanning new technologies and de-evangelizing them; taking narratives and ideas of the future, be it Web3, or AI, to see if they can hold up to scrutiny. Linqto will contextualize technical knowledge to make it accessible to everyone. The idea is to open up the floor to all opinions. 

Attendance for ACA members is complimentary, go online to register.

As a bonus, upon registering participants will receive a complimentary ebook, “The Intelligent Investor: Silicon Valley's Practical Wisdom for Investors and Entrepreneurs from 50 leading Silicon Valley Angels and Venture Capitalists,” by Matthew Le Merle and Alison Davis.

About the Angel Capital Association (ACA)
ACA is a professional society of accredited angel investors who make up the world's most prolific early-stage investment class. The association is the largest professional development organization for angel investors in the world deploying more than $650 million in early-stage capital each year. ACA provides an insider perspective that can help angel investors make smart investment decisions.

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