ACA Published the 4th Annual Investor Insights Report

The ACA has published it’s fourth annual Investor Insights Report, a collection of data-based, data-drive articles that include topics such as: angel group best practices, diversification, economic, impact of angels, exits, investing trends, investment strategy & screening/due diligence, investor, profiles, public policy, returns and valuations.

Over the last four years, the ACA has published a once-a-month, key-learning article distilled from group data around angel investments. These insights from ACA angel groups and funds are shared to help individual angels and angel groups learn more about key trends in our industry and improve outcomes.

The Angel Capital Association believes that data will make us better investors. ACA is committed to helping angels make informed decisions that will improve investment outcomes. This is why the ACA started the ACA Data initiative several years ago.

This annual summary conveniently consolidates our monthly data learnings. If you’d like to receive the monthly emails and read them as they are freshly published, you can subscribe here.


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