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Action Learning from Leading Angels

The ACA Data Insights: access useful learnings derived by ACA member groups that have performed data analysis on their angel investing and portfolio returns.   

Once a month, key learnings from angel groups are collected and analyzed around angel investments. These insights from ACA angel groups and funds are shared on a monthly basis in order to help individual angels and angel groups learn more about key trends in our industry and improve outcomes.

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Angel Group Best Practices


Economic Impact of Angels


Investing Trends

Investment Strategy & Screening/Due Diligence

Investor Profiles

Public Policy



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These data insights are based on the data collection and analysis of leading ACA member organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. We are actively recruiting all ACA member organizations to contribute their investment data to the ACA Data Initiative. The more data we collect from as many groups as possible, the more valuable the analysis and reporting becomes. Submitting your group’s data is easy! It’s the only way to build a data bank that can help all groups make smarter investment decisions. Sign up today to contribute your group’s data!

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