ACA Members

  • What is the cost to ACA members?
    Zero. ACA webinars are always free to members. Accredited investors, discover the benefits of joining ACA.

General Questions

  • Where can I see a schedule of upcoming webinars?
    Visit the  webinar page in the ACA Knowledge Center or ACA Events tabs.

  • How often are webinars held?
    Live webinars are generally held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 12-1 PM Eastern and ACA produces about 20 per year.

  • How long is a webinar?
    One hour, which includes the session presentation and time for attendee Q/A.

  • How do I register for a webinar?
    Click the Register Now button next to the webinar you are interested in on the ACA webinar page. This will take you to a registration page that includes the registration details for that program.

  • Do any webinars offer CPE certification?
    Not at this time, but this may be an option in the future.

Pay-as-you-go Webinars (For Non-ACA Members)

  • What is the price of a single webinar?
    The pay-as-you-go price is $100. If you expect to attend more than 16 webinars or want access to the  ACA webinar archive library should consider an All Access Webinar Subscription.

  • What if I pay for a single webinar, but miss it, can I stream it later?
    Yes. All registrants receive access to the session archive via email.  

  • What materials should I expect to receive when I register?
    All registrants receive a copy of the presentation as provided by the presenters and the session archive following the live session.

  • Is there a fee to access to past webinars in the ACA webinar archive?
    The ACA webinar archive library is available with an All Access Webinar Subscription and free to ACA members.

  • How do I purchase webinars?
    For pay-as-you-go purchases, click Register Now button next to the webinar. The registration system page will open and guide you through the registration and purchase process.


  • What if I paid for a webinar or all-access pass but want a refund?
    With two exceptions, webinar purchases on not refundable.