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ACA Benefits and Services for Members

The Angel Capital Association provides all accredited investor members with investment and angel group operational best practices, and opportunities for networking, syndication and collaboration. ACA continues to expand and enhance service offerings in response to the needs of its membership. Some of the current benefits and services include:

Networking, Collaboration and Syndication

  • Opportunity to work with angels around the world to develop best practices and resources that support angel investing and group operations
  • Opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other members of ACA angel groups during ACA events. ACA members receive special registration rates for ACA sponsored events
    • Annual ACA Summit: The largest gathering of angel investors in the world centered on a celebration of investing, professional development, and investor networking
    • Regional members-only ACA angel group meetings and calls; education and syndication events focused on regional & sector collaboration
    • Special interest peer groups for investors interested in Life Sciences, Cleantech, Impact, Growing Women's Capital, and Global Collaboration Community
  • Access to the ACA Membership Group Directory to facilitate connections with other member groups
  • Angel Insights Webinar Series featuring top investors and hot topics for angels. 

Angel Group Growth, Support, Operations & Deal Management

  • Access to an ACA Members Only section of the website that provides best practices documents, templates and recommendations related to:
    • Membership orientation and management
    • Angel group marketing and community education on angel investing
    • Screening, due diligence, valuation, term sheets and convertible notes
  • Access to ACA partnerships developed to provide high quality services to our members at affordable member rates:

Professional Development and Industry Trends

Public Policy

  • Representation of angels in federal policy issues that affect angel investors and the entrepreneurs angels support
  • Access to information and education on public policy programs that may affect or benefit angels (such as tax credits or new regulations for accredited investors)
  • Opportunity to contribute to the advocacy of public policy that supports and promotes angel investing