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AngelAssure (Insurance Services)

Exclusive insurance packages tailored to meet the needs of the angel community available for angels and portfolio companies.

BoardBookit (Post Investment Resources) 
25% off safe, secure and powerful tools for maximizing corporate board effectiveness and efficiency.

CastleBranch (Background Checks / Investigative Services) 
57% discount with exclusive member package on employment screening and business investigative services.

Fileboard (Sales Platform)

Fileboard's account based sales development platform gets you 300% more appointments and wins. Find all your account based sales tools integrated in one platform utilizing data-driven customer engagement and deep machine learning to prioritize your sales tasks.

Foley Hoag (Legal Services) 

A leading national law firm in the areas of dispute resolution, intellectual property, and corporate transactions for emerging, middle-market, and large-cap companies. 

Gust (Angel Group/Accelerator Application and Deal Flow Management) 

A powerful suite of tools for your early-stage investments. Discover, vet, share and manage quality deal flow with free access to the world’s largest network of founders and early-stage investors. Part of an accelerator? Increase qualified applicants and manage the application process with free access to the Gust Accelerator Platform.

Gust Launch (Incorporation Platform) 

Gust Launch gives founders the tools and services they need to incorporate, run, and grow high-growth companies. Designed by experienced startup founders, investors, and lawyers, Gust Launch will help your founders start and run companies optimized for easy investment.  Gust Launch includes: Incorporation as a Delaware C-Corporation, online company formation, a federal tax identification number (EIN), online stock issuances, cap table management, and expense tracking tools. Legal agreements, SAFEs and convertible notes, law firm introduction, and a founder community. With additional packages to solve problems as they arise: bookkeeping and accounting, equity incentive plan, cap table modeling, 409a valuations, and revenue and payroll.  To receive 10% off of Gust Launch, visit

Hockeystick (Data Analytics)
Hockeystick’s network connects a firm’s financial data directly to the venture capital, private equity and innovation ecosystems. Fund managers and analysts use Hockeystick to accurately track, compare and predict company performance.

HotelStorm (Hotels)

Exclusive hotel discounts for ACA members of up to 55% over other travel websites - request the discount code to get started.   

Mainstar Trust (Financial)

Mainstar Trust is an innovative leader in specialized retirement custodial services that diversify and maximize long-term objectives for IRA account holders and financial advisors.

Take a look at Mainstar Trust's eBook for angels - Improve Your Angel Returns with the Tax Efficiency of a Self-Directed IRA   

P2Binvestor (Financial)

P2Binvestor is a financial technology company providing large lines of credit to growing companies who are too big for small business loans but cannot yet access a traditional bank line of credit.

(Data Partner)
PitchBook (Venture Data)

Research and analyze companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers across the entire private investment lifecycle – and save 10%.

Propel(x) (Accredited Platform)
Propel(x) helps angel investors discover, evaluate and participate in promising science and technology startups. That means you get the chance to learn about and understand cutting-edge and promising science and technology startups first, as well as receive the information and tools to vet these startups and engage with them.

Seraf (Professional Portfolio Management)

Get a free trial of this powerful portfolio management solution. Track your investments, analyze performance, monitor valuations, store documents and improve reporting. Whether you’re an individual investor or manage an early stage investment group, Seraf’s web dashboard will help you streamline your portfolio. Built by long-time angels, Seraf offers tracking in real-time so that you can focus your time on driving returns. Online demos available.

 Live on January 27, 2016 at 12:00p ET 

Seraph Group (Investment Firm)

Seraph Group is a combined venture capital and angel investment firm focused on early-stage, market transforming technology companies. Seraph Group’s full-time professional team and its growing 300+ global angel investors have created an efficient, flexible model for investors to access high-quality,  geography independent, innovative technology companies a diversified, professionally managed Structured Angel Fund with deal by deal co-investment opportunities.  

UPS  (Shipping Services)

Up to 32% off shipping services around the world with UPS. 

VCExperts (Investor Information Services)
Provides powerful data on the financing of private companies, including industry-leading content on fundraising and exhaustive analyses of all state and federal regulatory filings.

VentureWell is on a mission to cultivate a pipeline of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs driven to solve the world's biggest challenges.