ACA Can Help You Start and Manage an Angel Group

As more and more investors and communities recognize the benefits of establishing angel groups, it's important to have resources that ensure that they don't have to recreate the wheel. The Kauffman Foundation and several ACA members have developed tools that will help groups in formation get a quicker and more effective start.

This page includes many practical tools for determining the best structure for your group and beginning operations. It should be noted that there is not one "right" structure or methodology for assessing community readiness for an angel network - the tools below are provided only as examples.

"Angel Investment Groups, Networks, And Funds: A Guidebook to Developing the Right Angel Organization for Your Community" - published by the Kauffman Foundation.

The guidebook above recommends that communities conduct an assessment of their community and its characteristics for angel group development as a first step. It also includes a number of helpful templates, checklists, worksheets and more:

Creating Your Own Angel Investor Group:  A Guide to Emerging and Frontier Markets, by Laura Baker, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/ The World Bank.  This 2014 guidebook was adapted from the original guidebook published by the Kauffman Foundation.

Case Study - Tech Coast Angels - Luis Villalobos, founder of this large angel group in Southern California wrote about TCA's keys to success and how it operates.

Executive Summary - Example Angel Group Business Plan - Lake Las Vegas Angels - This plan for a fictional angel group provides detailed ideas for development of an angel group.

Implementation Plan Southwest Florida Regional Angel Fund Assessment Example Community Assessment - A coordinated feasibility study on establishing a regional source of early stage capital in Florida, this angel fund assessment was sponsored by Gulf Coast Venture Forum.

Joining Angel Organizations: A Win-Win Opportunity - Bill Payne, experienced entrepreneur and angel investor, discusses the many reasons that investors active participation in angel groups is a great idea for individual angels.

Managing an Angel Group

Review and use templates and 'common practice' group resources