Many angels and entrepreneurs have questions about the new Regulation Crowdfunding, which allows any American to make equity investments in companies - and particularly how the marketplace is reacting to the new investment opportunities.  With thanks to Jackson Mueller, Deputy Director, FinTech Program, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute, please use the resources below to stay current on the issue and reactions among market players.

Learn more through ACA's educational webinar Equity Crowdfunding for Everyone – Demystified! with Jackson Mueller and Dr. Richard Swart.
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Regulatory & Legal

SEC - Title III Final Rules (In particular: Pages 493 – 528 covering costs for intermediaries, issuers involved in Title III offerings.)

FINRA - JOBS Act: SEC Approval of FINRA Funding Portal Rules and Related Forms

CrowdCheckRule 506/Section 4(a)(6)/Regulation A Comparison Chart

Morrison & FoersterJOBS Act Quick Start 2016
Fast Forward: A Summary of the Securities Law Provisions of the FAST Act

Ballard Spahr LLPSEC Approves FINRA Portal Rules, Forms for Crowdfunding Under Title III

Crowd Capital AdvisorsCCA Regulation Crowdfunding Indices

NextGen CrowdfundingNextGen Crowdfunding Dashboard

WeFunderCurrent Status of Regulation Crowdfunding

Milken InstituteJOBS Act: Comments to the SEC on Crowdfunding (Feb. 2014)

Angel Capital AssocationThe Latest on Crowdfunding and Reg A+

NASAAIntrastate Crowdfunding Update July 18, 2016

EYTo the Point: New legislation makes changes to JOBS Act and other SEC requirements

Correspondence & Legislative Initiatives

SEC letter to House Rep. Darrell Issa regarding capital formation (April 6, 2011)

Startup America Legislative Agenda

IPO Task Force: Rebuilding the IPO On-Ramp (October 20, 2011)


A few of the articles provided below describe the costs associated with a Title III offering.

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There are Now 14 FINRA Approved Funding Portals as Created by Title III of the JOBS Act

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FortuneWhy Equity Crowdfunding Could Be Dangerous for Investors and Entrepreneurs

ForbesWhy Title III Of The JOBS Act May Be A Flop

Inc2016 Crowdfunding Rules: More Complicated Than You Think
2016 Crowdfunding Rules: How the Restrictions Work and Why It Matters

Wealth ManagementCrowdfunding Is a Crowd Failure