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ACA in partnership with leading organizations, has created the Rising Tide Education Program, helping new angels discover the basics of becoming an angel investor with this unique collection of educational resources.  Learn the important best practices in these programs:

Webinars – One hour programs (by Angel Capital Association)

Articles - What new angels need to know (Marianne Hudson, Forbes contributor)

Video Podcasts – 20 minute educational videos (by Go Beyond Network and ACA)

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Rising Tide Education Program
The Rising Tide Program was created to increase diversity of the angel community by educating under-represented groups.  We found that the content is so good that it works for any type of angel, so we’re sharing it here!  Entrepreneurs may also learn how angels think from these video podcasts and webinars.  The programs are funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.  The founders and lead angels of the first US Rising Tide Fund are pictured below.

Education program partners include: