Spotlighting the Future's Market Leaders

Congratulations to the 2011 ACA Silvertip Award Winners

ACA is proud to announce the inaugural ACA Silvertip Awards. The award winners will represent the best and most successful ACA member portfolio companies throughout North America. All nominations come from our member angels, with the intention to shine a big spotlight on your star investments - and connect your portfolio companies to potential corporate strategic partners. The winners will be announced in an exciting event on April 5th at the ACA Summit in Boston.

The ACA Silvertip Awards is a way to help your portfolio companies make essential connections for successful exits or other lucrative partnerships. It is like business development on speed, with a potential large customer, acquisition partner, or investor right there at the judging table keen to support the next big idea in their sectors.

There will be three Silvertip Awards in 2011:

  • HP Startup Central Award, honoring the top technology company that shifts the market. The winning company is creating a new market or disrupting an existing market. Prizes offered by HP to the winner include a technology makeover and speaking opportunities for the CEO and nominating angel at the ACA Summit.
  • PwC Entrepreneurship Award, honoring entrepreneurship and fast growing companies. The winner receives three months of financial mentorship from PwC and both the CEO and nominating angel may speak at the ACA Summit.
  • Luis Villalobos Award, honoring the most innovative ACA portfolio company in any sector. Benefits include national recognition and PR, and speaking opportunity for the entrepreneur and angel group at the ACA Summit.


What is a "Silvertip"?

Some of the best angel investors are "Guardian Angels" who are sophisticated in their search for innovative companies with great potential and also provide the mentoring and support their portfolio companies need to be successful. In the spiritual world of angels, different types of angels are denoted by the colors of their wing tips - and Guardian Angels have silver tips. The ACA Silvertip Awards recognize Guardian Angel Investors through the great portfolio companies they have helped nurture and the fact that they help select the winners.