ACA itself is not a source of capital, but we do have helpful information. 

Our member angel groups and individual accredited investors do make investments in companies that fit their investment criteria and are selected through their investment evaluation processes. You can Find an Angel through our angel groups and platforms directory. We recommend that you link to the websites of the angel groups located nearest you to learn more about their investment interests and processes, and if you see a fit, that you contact that individual angel group in the way they request on their website.

ACA does not review business plans or provide financing to companies and cannot introduce you or your business to an angel group or other investor. Please do not send us business plans. However, we do have several resources in this section for you, including:

  • Entrepreneur FAQs - Learn more about what angel investing is, general criteria to determine if this type of capital is right for you and your company, basic information on how to prepare for the funding process, and other helpful websites, articles, and books.

  • Find Angel Groups & Platforms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with links to each group's website. Entrepreneurs are welcome to review this ACA member directory to learn about the investment interests and processes of these organizations. If you decide to contact any of these groups, please do so in the way they request on their website.

  • ACA Guidelines on Fees - ACA recommends that angel groups charge entrepreneurs no more than nominal fees for applying for and/or making presentations for angel capital and that all fees are fully disclosed upfront, ideally appearing on the group's website.

  • Additional Resources – Information and help for entrepreneurs from non-profit organizations and university- or US government-based entities.

  • Inc Article Series for Entrepreneurs - ACA Chair Christopher Mirabile contributes a regular column to aimed at demystifying angel investing for entrepreneurs.  The columns provide practical ideas and information on everything from due diligence and term sheets to the best ways to present your deal to angel investors.