Accredited Investor Verification Simplified Without the Need for Financial Documentation

With the introduction of the SEC rules for generally solicited offerings [also known as 506(c) deals] and particularly the need for issuers to take "reasonable steps to verify" that all of their investors are accredited, ACA has developed an easy and sensible verification method for all angel groups and their members. 

The goal of this annual certification program is to remove the need for angels to provide documentation of their wealth or income to entrepreneurs or third parties for 506(c) deals.  Instead, angel investors will verify their accredited status by being a member of an Established Angel Group (EAG) that meets the criteria of this program. 

EAG criteria is based on ACA guidance published in September 2013 and publicly described as a reasonable approach in March 2014 by Keith Higgins, director of the SEC division that wrote the General Solicitation rules (speaking for himself). 

Participation is easy - simply take a look at the program and benefits below and apply or renew today!  

Already an EAG and need to complete annual renewal?

EAG Organizations Receive:

  • Seal and letter noting of one year certification as EAG

  • Letter to provide to member angels so they may share for deals outside of the group

  • Easy annual recertification 

  • Listing as an EAG on the ACA website

Program Elements: (details)

  • Voluntary

  • Works for all angel group structures

  • Fits nearly all current ACA member groups

  • Reasonable criteria

  • Supports individual angel members

  • Easy application and renewal

  • 506(c) will become most used offering to angels

EAG Renewal: 

  • EAG organizations may quickly complete the annual renewal via the link below.