ACA Data Initiative – Improving Insights for Members

The Angel Capital Association is committed to helping its members be smarter investors and receiving larger returns.  To do this, we must understand the performance of angel investments by collecting and analyzing data, experience and outcomes.  ACA is consistently gathering data from our members about deal information, the performance of their investments and the results they are achieving.  Analysing this data we can provide our members with the intelligence they need to make smarter investments and achieve better returns.

Collected data is analyzed with major findings synthesized into the Angel Funders Report, the official publication from ACA for angel investment dataThe Angel Funders Report presents the major findings and insights generated by the data.  Quality and accuracy are verified by collecting information directly from our member groups and then validated through the efforts of our data partner, Hockeystick, ensuring the most reliable information in the market today. By participating in the ACA Data Initiative, you are joining in the effort to develop insights and smart practices that will benefit your group and all fellow ACA member angels.

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Why Should I Participate in the ACA Data Initiative?

Contributing your data will help build a unique resource to provide insights to improve angel investing results over time.  Learn more about the ACA Data Initiative.

Key benefits include:

  • Benchmarking your performance
    • You can compare your group’s activities and results to aggregated data from organizations in your region, similar structures, or common preferred industries.
    • Analyze your group’s performance against benchmarks over and above the information in the Angel Funders Report.
  • Analysing current trends
    • Review investments by industry.
    • Collecting and reporting your data is simple to do through the easy to use portal, powered by Hockeystick, in whatever way it is collected.
  • Knowing your data is secure
    • You own your data.  Data will be used and reported in aggregate.
    • ACA and Hockeystick take data security seriously and actively protect your data.
  • Easily exporting/importing your data if desired
    • You can export group-level data to other data platforms if you’d like (e.g. CrunchBase or the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire).
    • If you use Seraf or other tools you can easily import that data to provide your information to the ACA.
  • Growing the resource as more members participate
    • The larger the data set that is collected, the more insight the community will gain and the more comprehensive analysis we will be able to do leading to new indicators and emerging trend identification.
  • Most importantly, angels will learn from the data and analysis yielding the information and knowledge you need  to make better investment decisions.