Thank you for applying to ACA for Full, Provisional, or Family Office Membership. This form is for angel groups & family offices.

Accredited investors interested in joining ACA as individuals or as accredited platforms should visit the Individual Members application or the accredited platform application

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ACA Membership Application

General Information
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Group Characteristics and Structure
1. Which type of membership is your group applying for?
2. Year angel group established. (If group is in formation, enter the projected year the group holds its first investment meeting.)
3. Number of members in your group at formation: (enter a number)
4. Current number of members in your group: (enter a number)
5. Percent of current members that are individuals (enter a number):
6. Is accreditation a requirement for individuals to join your group?
7. If yes, how do you determine/verify individual investors are accredited?
8. Date of most recent investment meeting: (enter a date - mm/dd/yyyy)
9. If investment meeting not yet held, date of first planned meeting:(enter a date - mm/dd/yyyy)
10. What is the annual fee for individual membership in your group (do not include capital contributions)?
11. Please provide a brief description of your membership recruitment process and membership requirements:
12. Please rank order the following sources for identifying and recruiting member investors to your group (1-6)
Business community referrals
Current member investors
Former member investors
Venture capitalists
Word of mouth
13. What is the investment structure of your angel group?
If the investment structure is 'Other', please, explain:
14. What is the legal structure of your group?
If the legal structure is 'Other', describe.
15. What is the tax status of your organization?
If tax status is other, describe
16. Does the group have a fund?
17. If you do have a fund, what is its size? (enter a $ amount, numbers only)
18. Is your organization (select all that apply)
19. Number of staff:(enter a number) Full-time         Part-time
20. If you have staff, are they (select all that apply)
If staff type is 'Other', describe:
If you have employees are they paid? Yes
If you have employees are they volunteers? Yes
If you have contractors, are they paid? Yes
If you have contractors, are they volunteers? Yes
If you have interns, are they paid? Yes
If you have interns, are they volunteers? Yes
If 'Other', are they paid? Yes
If 'Other', are they volunteers? Yes
21. Does the group have a permanent office?
22. What are the sources of revenue for operating your group? (select all that apply)
If the sources of revenue is 'Other', describe
Investment Data
1. Total capital ($) invested by your group since inception: (enter a $ amount, numbers only)
2. Number of companies funded by your group since inception: (enter a number)
3. Total number of companies funded during the group's most recent fiscal year: (enter a number)
4. Total number of investment rounds completed during the group's most recent fiscal year: (enter a number)
5. Total number of new investment rounds in this fiscal year: (enter a number)
6. Average size of group investment per round
7. Range of investments (funds from your group as a whole) in the past year: (enter a $ amount, numbers only) to
8. How are investments made within the group? (select all that apply)
If 'Other', describe
9. What is the minimum investment per participant on deals ($ or "no minimum")?
10. In which stage of venture does your group prefer to invest?
11. In which types of industries does your group prefer to invest (select all that apply)
If industry preferred is other, describe
12. Please share with us your group's greatest success story. Use the box below or attach an article or other document.
Group Processes
1. How often does your group or subcommittees meet for the following functions?
Investment / Presentation
Due Diligence
Executive / Board
2. On average, what percentage of your investors attend an investment/presentation meeting? (enter a number)
3. Do you accept unsolicited business plans for review?
4. How many plans on average do you review per month?
5. Please rank order the sources of deal flow for your organization (1-8):
Entrepreneurs send proposals directly
Referrals from current or former members
Referrals/ screening from entrepreneurial support entities
Referrals from other angel groups
Referrals from the professional community (attorneys, accountants, bankers, etc.)
Referrals from sponsors
Referrals from venture capitalists
6. How many companies present at investment/ presentation meetings? (enter a number)
7. How much time do you allow for the presentation?For Q&A?
8. At what time of day does your organization hold its investment/presentation meetings? (select all that apply)
9. What is the source of educational information or presentations for your group? (select all that apply)
10. Please provide us with a brief overview of your deal review process:
11. In what geographic region does your group invest? (check all that apply)
Within two-hours drive of the center of the group's metropolitan area
Within four-hours drive of the center of the group's metropolitan area
Only within our state or province
Within a region (i.e. Midwest or Southeast)
No geographical restrictions
If 'Other', please describe:
12. Has your group ever syndicated an investment with another angel group?
13. Would your member investors consider providing information about their expertise for a secure database, available only to ACA member groups, that could be used by ACA members for due diligence questions?
14. Please provide us with a brief overview of your procedures for shaping deals and due diligence:

The Angel Capital Association reserves the right to conduct a background check on any individuals applying for ACA membership.