AngelAssure© is a new set of insurance products developed specifically for and available only to ACA members and portfolio companies. It uses a strategic approach to insurance that provides customized products at competitive prices. Our professionals are leading brokers with proven expertise in navigating the risk management needs of asset managers involved in angel, venture capital and private equity investing.

AngelAssure© program solutions:

  • Personal/firm outside directorship liability program
  • Portfolio company management liability coverage (written on either an "Open" program or "Master" program basis)
  • Portfolio company property and casualty insurance
  • Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP)

As most angel groups do not have a fund to provide them with backstop indemnification, an angel's first line of defense can be met by

  1. a high quality Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability policy for each portfolio company or
  2. an Outside Directorship Liability policy

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