The Angel Capital Association is proud to announce the creation of the AngelBox Basics Toolkit. This complimentary resource was created courtesy of funding from VentureWell. We are delighted to provide this complimentary resource courtesy to community ecosystem builders to assist you in the planning and implementation of a new community angel fund or network. This interactive toolkit is organized into four sections designed to highlight best practices in the following topics:

  • Pre-Formation: guides your group through the process of determining the mission, vision, and organization most appropriate to your region's needs
  • Organization Nuts and Bolts: showcases how to recruit new members and structure member meetings
  • Angel Fund Nuts and Bolts: outlines the details necessary to operating and managing an angel fund
  • Deal and Investment Management: describes managing fund deal flow, conducting due diligence, determining investment terms, and portfolio governance.
  • In addition to the workbook content, there are fillable worksheets available to complete with members of your own ecosystem.

For questions about AngelBox, VentureWell, the Ann & Bill Payne ACA Angel University or other topics, please reach out to us at