ACA Public Policy: a Visit with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

Left to right:Ammon Simon, Counsel to Commissioner Peirce,Krista Covey,President,First Flight Venture Center, Elaine Bolle, RTP Capital, US Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Pierce, Marcia Darwood, Chair, ACA Board of Directors, Mary Musacchia, RTP Capital and First Flight Venture Center, Mark Friedman, RTP Capital Associates, Eva Doss, President and CEO, The Launch Place and Pat Gouhin, ACA CEO.

January 20, 2023 - ACA Leadership met with Commissioner Hester Peirce of the SEC to talk about the accredited investor definition, QSBS, and what success looks like in a thriving startup ecosystem.

Commissioner Peirce was in Research Triangle Park, NC and took time out of her busy schedule for a two-hour meeting with our team. Joining the ACA Chair and CEO were past and present leadership of RTP Capital Associates, The Launch Place and First Flight Venture Center.

The team spoke about some of the most important pieces of policy, both legislative and regulatory, that are critical to seed-stage investors and the entrepreneurs they support.

ACA believes in the impact and benefits of angel investing to entrepreneurs, job growth and the economy.  Deeply active on the federal legislative and regulatory fronts, ACA helps safeguard and galvanize the rights of American angel investors so that we can protect the foundation that fuels the startup economy.  ACA represents our members, but we invite investors to lend their efforts - a combined voice matters.

To learn more, reach out to ACA CEO Pat Gouhin. For media inquiries, please reach out to Marketing Director Dannielle Stewart