ACA Angel Funders Report 2021:  

More Data + Industry Insights and Real Stories 

The ACA Angel Funders Report 2021 is a deep dive into angel investment trends. During a year of economic and social turmoil, surrounded by a global pandemic, angel investors continued to support entrepreneurs and startups with capital and mentorship to guide them through one of the most challenging business climates in recent history.

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The Angel Funders Report is based on direct investment data solicited from ACA member groups. The organization collects data directly from a broad spectrum of angel investors, including leading angel groups across North America, and the resulting report provides powerful first-hand information on the current state of early stage investing. ACA angel investing experts analyze and enhance the data with their knowledge of trends and best practices, developing a comprehensive insider’s view to share with the broader investment community. The angel organizations that provide the information for the report take many forms—groups of ACA members, angel networks, angel funds, networks with sidecar funds, and more. 

Angel Funders Report 2021 Highlights Include:

  • ACA member groups invested $650 million in 2020
  • Angel groups invest about $4.7 million per year across multiple companies (up 15% from last year)
  • Angel portfolio companies leverage their angel investments to raise $4 billion total – a 6X multiple
  • Individual angels invested in 19 companies on average, up from 14 companies last year
  • The median exit multiple of invested capital remains strong at 1.8X
  • Angels are narrowing the gap, investing in more diverse founders than ever before

Read the Angel Funders Report 

The Angel Capital Association is your authority on angel investment information!  The Angel Funders Report, powered by Hockeystick, is the only official report from ACA for angel investment data in North America.  Quality and accuracy are verified by collecting information directly from our member groups and then validated through the efforts of our data partner, Hockeystick, ensuring the most reliable information in the market today.

Future of the Angel Funders Report

This year’s report is one step in the journey – learn more about how your angel investor group can contribute data to future reports!

ACA has big plans for the ACA Data Initiative, but we cannot accomplish our goals without your help. The Angel Funders Report is made up of data from ACA member organizations, and the report will be more and more valuable with each contributing member group’s data. Submitting your group’s data is a streamlined, organized process, and it’s the only way to build a data bank that can help all groups make smarter investment decisions.

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