ACA’s “Angel 101” – Fundamentals of Investing in Startups

November 13, 8:30 – 11:30 am
Houston (venue: TMCx) 

Marcia Dawood
Golden Seeds/ BlueTree 
Allied Angels

Juliana Garaizar
Houston Angel Network 

Estela Hernandez
Arrowhead Innovation Fund 

Roberto Moctezuma
Venture Launchpad

Ebetuel (Beto) Pallares
Camino Financial

Bill Payne
Frontier Angel Fund

Jamie Rhodes
Alliance of Texas Angel Networks

Jorge Varela
TX Research & Technology Foundation

Should you include angel investments in startup companies in your asset portfolio?  Join ACA in a new half-day seminar introducing accredited investors to the fundamentals of angel investing, led by seasoned pros.  This is a great chance to get information and insights to determine if angel investing is right for you, to meet other angels to connect to as you consider investment opportunities, and to learn the key points of making good investments.  Many experienced angels tell us they wish they would have had education like this when they first started – it might have saved them some money.

The seminar will provide insights into angel investing as an asset class, with a focus on anticipated returns, portfolio strategy, valuation of early-stage companies, conducting due diligence, understanding term sheets and angel involvement in portfolio companies after the investment. This program will be held at the Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx), 2450 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX. 

Angel 101 attendees are invited to register for the ACA Leadership Workshop immediately following the seminar and receive a $45 discount to the two-day event, beginning at Noon on November 13 and concluding on November 14 at 3:30.x

Angel 101 is led by a strong group of angel investors.  The moderator is Bill Payne, an experienced angel investor who has led more than 100 education sessions across the US and many other parts of the globe.  He is joined by knowledgeable angels from Texas (see speakers above).

This event is perfect for new/potential investors as well as group leaders interested in education for new members. ACA is very interested in growing the number of angel investors across North America and particularly in growing the diversity of people who become active angel investors.  Participate in discussions, learning and networking with new and experienced angels, and learn the basics.