Read the Pandemic Investor Impact Report

The Latest on How Angels Are Dealing With COVID-19

Access the ACA Pandemic Investor Impact Report, a deep dive into the powerful data analyzing how angel groups and the startup ecosystem in North America are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pandemic Investor Impact Report combines findings from the ACA’s recent pandemic survey of major angel organizations and external information reflecting the current state of Angel and VC investing trends late in 2020. The goal is to place the ACA’s Pandemic survey within the broader context of early stage investing sentiment and behavior in 2020.  This investment activity reflects both continuing uncertainty as well as innovative responses to our current social and health crises.

The Pandemic Investor Impact Report illustrates that angel investors are resilient.  They quickly adapted to the new virtual environment and continue to actively invest and support their portfolio companies. Even in a time of pandemic, the angel ecosystem remains strong.

Read the Pandemic Investor Impact Report

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