ACA member angels and groups are invited to use the many resources and tools provided by ACA in the ACA Member Knowledge Center.  

Two important tools are the "Access ACA" Member Toolkits.  Angel groups are especially invited to use these to provide ALL of your members their ACA benefits. 

  1. Access ACA Group Leader Toolkit: Materials designed for angel group leaders to use and market the benefits of ACA membership to their group. 

  2. Access ACA Member Resources: Handouts for new, current, and prospective members so they know how to advantage of the ACA network benefits. This resource is are also great for individual members to use ACA member benefits

We invite you to take a look at the "Access ACA" Toolkits. Please note that all of the resources are also available via the ACA Members Knowledge Center

ACA Angel Groups: Make sure your members have ACA VIP Access

The easiest way to ensure your members have access to their ACA benefits is to make them an ACA VIP.  You can do that by providing a list of member names and emails to Sarah Dickey. Each of your ACA VIP members will receive an individual password to the ACA Members Knowledge Center.  

Individual members and members of ACA groups may also sign up for access
to benefits via the Member Connections page.