ACA Members in News Media – Fundings, Exits, Milestones, and Opinions

08/31/2018Norfolk biotech startup Embody gets investment boost (757 Angels)
08/31/2018What is the 'great entrepreneurial lie?' That it's all about the money (Launch Tennessee)
08/31/2018Valley Growth Ventures gets in on Sotera Medical’s seed round
08/30/2018Inclusion investing nurtures companies led by women and minorities (Pipeline Angels)
08/23/2018Pittsburgh Based Investor Next Act Fund Announces Two New Investments
08/23/2018Florida Funders Forges Joint Venture with Florida Angel NEXUS
08/23/2018Angels raising $25M venture capital fund (Grand Angels)
08/23/2018Emergence of Canadian unicorns sparks momentum in angel investing (Yuri Navarro, NACO)
08/21/2018Angels of Southwest Louisiana - Nonprofit invests in promising entrepreneurial business ideas
08/20/2018Building a Better Insulin Infusion System (Tech Coast Angels, New York Angels, HBS Alumni Angels of New York, Pasadena Angels and the Mass Medical Angels)
08/20/2018Pasadena Angels Invest in Novel Insulin Infusion Technology
08/20/2018Tamiami Angel Funds offers young, growing companies something more than money. List includes intellectual capital in business acumen and mentorship.
08/16/2018This angel network wants to mobilize 100,000 women investors (Trish Costello and Lorine Pendleton)
08/16/2018 Cyber Security Training Team Closes a $500,000 Seed Round (Pipeline Angels)
08/16/2018 impak Finance closes a $1.1 million angel financing round - Claude Chagnon, Didier Kuhn, Michel Lozeau and Daniel Paillé join its Board (Anges Québec)
08/14/2018Tamiami Angels Invest in Health Care Technology Firm
08/13/2018Sofia Fund Achieves Successful Exit
08/13/2018Next Wave Impact CEO Alicia Robb is Helping More Diverse Founders Fund Their Companies
08/09/2018Popular Pays raises $5.5 million (Hyde Park Angels)
08/09/2018The Puerto Rico opportunity: Urgent, tech-ready and women-led (Pipeline Angels)
08/03/2018Des Moines Plains Angels to host Best of the Midwest Angel Capital Association Conference
08/03/2018Golden Seeds' Catherine White & Walnut Venture's Ben Littauer in "Ask an Angel II"
08/03/2018Des Moines to host Best of the Midwest Angel Capital Association Conference
07/31/2018757 Angels is making a positive impact on the area's ecosystem
07/30/2018JumpFund doubles capital with second round of investments
07/27/2018Six years of FundersClub! View the infographic journey
07/26/2018Triad angel network says it saw a record-breaking second quarter (VentureSouth)
07/25/2018Great Lakes Angels Creates $18 Million Investment Fund
07/25/2018Venture capital firms have a gender problem. Here’s how to fix it (NACO)
07/23/2018Meet Ziad Moukheiber of Boston Harbor Angels in Downtown
07/23/2018Tamiami Angels Invest in Florida Financial Tech Firm
07/19/2018Jean Hammond, Boston's "Indispensable Angel"
07/13/2018San Antonio's venture capital pipeline flow picks up in second quarter (Alamo Angels, Aggie Angel Network, and South Coast Angel Network)
07/13/2018Midwest Investors Double Down on Fintech Startup (North Coast Angel Fund)
07/10/2018Rockies Venture Club Launches First Impact HyperAccelerator Program
07/09/2018Belle Michigan launches $20 million impact fund
07/09/2018'Angels' invested larger amounts in fewer deals last year, report finds (Jeffrey Sohl)
07/05/2018 Mid-Atlantic Angels Investor Members Invest in Speak Agent
07/03/2018How the entrepreneurs behind Chicago's top exits are fueling the next startup wave (Hyde Park Angels)
07/03/2018Ditch the bag! Tea Drops raises $1.9m in seed round led by AccelFoods (Women Founders Network)
07/02/2018UAVC Selects First Three Spinouts (Desert Angels, Tech Coast Angels, and Arizona Tech Investors)
07/02/2018Charlotte software startup secures $1.2M investment (VentureSouth)
06/28/2018You, Too, Can Invest Like Melinda Gates (Portfolia, Trish Costello and Faz Bashi)
06/28/2018Regroup Therapy Closes a $5.5M Venture Round (Hyde Park Angels)
06/27/2018AngelList Launches Angel Funds in Canada
06/22/2018The New Startup South (VentureSouth and The Launch Place)
06/22/2018Medtech venture investing trends: Here’s what you need to know (Golden Seeds and Keiretsu Forum)
06/22/2018Why the Rise in Female Angel Investors Is Good News for Women-Led Startups (Loretta McCarthy and Golden Seeds)
06/21/2018New World Angels invests in Series A Preferred Stock of Qure4u, Inc.
06/21/2018Liongard Raises $1.25M In Seed Funding To Bring Unparalleled Automation to the IT Managed Service Provider Industry (Houston Angel Network)