ACA Members in News Media – Fundings, Exits, Milestones, and Opinions

03/29/2016Meet The Man Democratizing Venture Capital For Everyday Investors and Founders (Jonathan Medved, OurCrowd)
03/25/2016Equity Crowdfunding Just Had Its First Billion Dollar Exit (AngelList)
03/25/2016Report: Austin's CTAN is Most Active Angel Group in the Nation
03/25/201640+ investors in, NextGen Angels launches tonight in Triangle
03/24/2016How and why to pitch angel groups (Red Bear Angels, Empire Angels, New York Angels, NextGen Venture Partners)
03/22/2016Angel Investors: The Ultimate Guide to Invest in Startups (Tanya Prive, Onevest)
03/22/2016JumpStart Commits $1 Million to Support North Coast Angel Fund
03/18/20165 VCs that invest in female entrepreneurs (BELLE Capital USA and Golden Seeds)
03/18/2016This Is What It's Like to Be an Older Woman Entrepreneur In Silicon Valley (Anita Brearton, Sheryl Schultz, Stephanie Newby, Trish Costello, and Golden Seeds and Portfolia)
03/17/2016‘Angel Investors’ build up Connecticut businesses (Angel Investor Forum and Golden Seeds)
03/16/2016Illuminate Financial leads $4 mln Series A for ChartIQ (Tribeca Angels)
03/14/2016How 'pattern matching' by investors puts female entrepreneurs at a disadvantage (Alliance of Angels)
03/11/2016Florida angel investing group gets new president amid growing activity (New World Angels)
03/11/2016Northwest’s share of angel dollars jumps in 2015 (Halo Report/ Angel Resource Institute)
03/11/2016Hey, startups: Here’s the best thing you can do to get ready for a possible downturn (Dan Rosen)
03/09/2016Female Investors conference to hear how to emulate US Success and boost economy by £140m (Susan Preston)
03/09/2016Green angels: Clean tech investment leader predicts resurgence as group pumps $3.3M into startups in 2015 (Element 8)
03/08/2016The Best Angel Investors In New York (David S. Rose)
03/08/2016Allen Angel Capital Education Newsletter
03/04/2016 Lesley Stroll appointed Angel Investor Forum Executive Director
03/04/2016Triangle universities look to alumni to invest in startups (Duke Angel Network)
03/04/2016For a fraction of the price, angel investors can pay huge dividends (NACO)
03/04/2016Members of Anges Québec provide $200,000 in funding to support startup operations at ISIOS
03/01/2016New group hopes to pair start-ups and 'angels' (Florida Angel Nexus)
03/01/2016As more NM startups sprout, funding activity grows (New Mexico Angels)
02/29/2016How this Phoenix software startup is spending its money (Desert Angels, Curtis Gunn, and Michael Hool)
02/29/2016Successful Serial Entrepreneur David S. Rose: The Business Model All Startups Need to Be Using
02/26/2016ArcView Hires Top Talent And Launches Winner’s Fund
02/26/2016How a filmmaker turned entrepreneur got angel investment for his all-Arizona film (Desert Angels)
02/25/2016Dartmouth’s MTI gets cash for marketing initiative (Ross Finlay, First Angel Network)
02/24/2016Chronogolf Raises $1.5 Million (Anges Quebec)
02/24/2016Indy angel group gets aggressive with school startups (Vision Tech Angels)
02/24/2016How to Win Over an Angel Firm to Secure Their Investment (Alida Miranda-Wolff, Hyde Park Angels)
02/24/2016Report: NC startup funding doubled in 2015
02/24/2016How Birmingham companies can land more angel investments (Angel Investment Management Group)
02/24/2016Digital Marketing Expert Named President of VisionTech Angels’ Bloomington Chapter
02/24/2016Keiretsu Forum NW Invested a Record $43.5M in 2015
02/22/2016Inside NextGen's Quest to Build a Seed Investor Army
02/17/2016$10 Million Purdue Alumni Fund will Help Drive Startup Creation, Growth (John Hanak)
02/17/2016The Ultimate in Off-Grid Transportation: Mini-Fleet-in-a-Box (Lauren Flanagan)
02/17/2016Springfield business woman Natasha Clark looks at city's future as mother, entrepreneur: Outlook 2016 Viewpoint (Paul Silva)
02/17/2016Venture capital fund invests record amount in Michigan startups (Grand Angels)
02/16/2016How to Find Startup Funding in Tampa Bay (New World Angels, Florida Funders, Florida Angel Nexus, and Tamiami Angel Fund)
02/16/2016Top Five Trends for Angel Investing in Canada (NACO)
02/16/2016More funds flowing from angel investor funds (NACO)
02/12/2016BrightStar Reveals Phoenix Investment, Sale of $500K in Tax Credits (Wisconsin Investment Partners)
02/11/2016The BOSS Syndicate: How a City-Focused AngelList Syndicate Works
02/11/2016What Dating and Angel Investing Have In Common (AngelList, Onevest, OurCrowd and SeedInvest)
02/10/2016AngelList raised $163m for early stage startups in 2015 as investors diversify portfolios
02/10/2016Seattle Angel Fund Raises $1.375 Million to Invest in Launch Stage Startups in Pacific Northwest