ACA Members in News Media – Fundings, Exits, Milestones, and Opinions

09/28/2017Cascade Angels Invests in Bend Startup InvestiPro
09/27/2017Johnson & Johnson acquires subscription-based contact lens startup Sightbox (Irish Angels and Portland Seed Fund)
09/26/2017There's more to Pittsburgh's robotic scene than self-driving cars, Innovation Works CEO writes
09/25/2017NuVasive acquires startup with Duke University roots (Duke Angel Network)
09/25/2017The top 10 angel investors in AI (Esther Dyson)
09/22/2017More women are becoming angel investors, and many want to help make the world a better place (Parker MacDonell)
09/21/20177 Must Knows – To Finance Your Ideas With Angels (Ross Finlay, First Angel Network)
09/21/20175 answers to how the East Valley is courting angel investors to grow tech startups (Arizona Tech Investors)
09/21/2017Austin angel investors dole out even more cash to early-stage startups (Central Texas Angel Network)
09/21/2017Angel investors provide capital and expertise to early stage businesses (Brian Lowe, First Angel Network)
09/21/2017Southeast angel network says it's having record investment year (VentureSouth)
09/20/2017HubSpot Is Acquiring Chicago Chatbot Startup Motion AI (Hyde Park Angels)
09/20/2017Next Act Fund Makes First Direct Investment in local BoardBookIt
09/19/2017Ellevest Raises $34.6 Million To Create Powerful Hybrid Platform, Add Human Financial Planning Services (Astia Angels)
09/19/2017UT grad Tony Shipley discusses angel investing from a 17-year perspective (Queen City Angels)
09/08/2017Mid Atlantic Bio Angels Invests in PainQx, Inc.
09/07/2017Have lots of money and want to invest in tech startups? The PHX East Valley Angel Investor Initiative wants you. (Arizona Tech Investors, Jim Goulka)
09/06/2017Investing in Cannabis? Ask These 3 Questions Before You Do (Arcview Investor Network)
09/06/2017Drones Should Be On Investors’ Long-Term Radar (AngelList)
09/01/2017Women Angel Investors Take Center Stage (Alicia Syrett, Loretta McCarthy, and HBS Angels)
08/31/2017Cascade Angels backs two Oregon companies
08/31/2017Nebraska Angels have already hit investment record
08/31/2017Tucson Tech: Calimmune deal is latest in string of tech startup buyouts (Desert Angels)
08/30/2017Tech Coast Angels Tops PitchBook's List of Southern California Investors
08/30/2017Ryan Hoover’s $3M Angel Fund is going by the name Weekend Fund (AngelList)
08/25/2017Fewer, Bigger and Later - VC Investments in Early Stage Companies (David S. Rose)
08/24/2017Can AI help you find office space? (Hyde Park Angels)
08/24/2017Truss, a chatbot-powered commercial real estate platform, lands $7.7M (Hyde Park Angels)
08/23/2017Ahead of the Curve: Opportunities that Deliver Extraordinary Returns for Investors (Propel(x))
08/18/2017VisionTech Angels Adds 24th Company, PhotoniCare, to Its Investment Portfolio
08/15/2017Pasadena Angels Invest in Virtual Reality Company that Creates 360-Degree Videos for Broadcast
08/14/2017Fin Capital to Host Angel Investing Boot Camp on September 25
08/14/2017This is the one corner of the D.C. area’s tech scene that’s doing really well (Blu Venture Investors)
08/11/2017ENTREVESTOR: First Angel Network finds biomedical niche, floats follow-on (Ross Finlay and Brian Lowe, First Angel Network)
08/11/2017Meet The Men Who Invest In Women Entrepreneurs (Adam Quinton)
08/10/2017Golden Seeds Exceeds $100 Million In Total Investments In Women-Led Companies
08/09/2017Boeing Invests in Video and Augmented/Virtual Reality Leader C360 Technologies (BlueTree Allied Angels and Pasadena Angels)
08/07/2017Maker of cancer-detecting test considers selling company (Grand Angels)
08/07/2017Grand Angels start affiliate group in Kalamazoo
08/04/2017Montana’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Hits Another Milestone (Frontier Fund 2)
08/02/2017Ham Lord, Super Angel & Founder of Launchpad Venture Group, Episode 20
08/01/2017Seed Funding Slows in Silicon Valley (Allan May, Life Science Angels)
08/01/2017SBIR Matching Fund (LaunchTN)
07/31/2017Annual Partner News - Gust Aims to Be a One-Stop Shop for Launching a Business
07/31/2017Hampton Roads' key players come together for entrepreneurial collaboration (757 Angels)
07/27/2017FilterEasy screens $6.9m series B (Triangle Angel Partners and RTP Capital)
07/27/2017Tech Coast Angels Offers Exclusive Funding Opportunities to Investors Throughout the United States
07/26/2017What happens after I pitch Corridor Angel Investors?
07/26/2017Invest Nebraska brings capital raises to state’s communities (Nebraska Angels)
07/26/2017In growth spurt, AGP Miami angels