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ACA Global Pass - Group

Investor groups are invited to provide ACA content to up to five investors and include the voices and insights of leading North American investors and industry experts as part of your member benefits portfolio. 

Access points

ACA angel insights webinars

ACA Webinars provide new insights to the minds and activities of leading angels and industry experts throughout North America. Global Pass - Group benefits includes annual subscriptions for full access to the ~20 live sessions and full archive library for up to thirty (30) investors. 

Exclusive pricing for ACA Summit

Your angels may connect with leading international angels and industry experts during the annual ACA Summit.  The Global Pass - Group program provides ACA member rates for your select members.  Investors learn directly with key trend setters from 25+ countries, and increase their knowledge about emerging angel investor trends and opportunities.

@ACA eNews member newsletter

The ACA newsletter provides timely information on angel investing trends, key insights on the North American ecosystem growth and changes and upcoming ACA education. This private weekly resource is the foundation for available ACA and other leading industry updates. 

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Once you complete the ACA Global Pass - Group application we will provide you a confirmation that includes passwords you may use / distribute for ACA Summit registrations and Annual ACA webinar subscriptions. Those connected will also receive the exclusive @ACA eNews weekly update.