May 5, 2010
8:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Registration Fee: $100



By popular demand from our international guests, ACA will host the 3rd annual International Exchange Workshop, this time in cooperation with the World Business Angels Association. The agenda for the program will be available later, but will include opportunities for dialog between countries on angel group operations, benchmarks and statistics, research in the field, and other important topics. All attendees are also invited to an international dinner on Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, following the ACA opening reception. The dinner fee is in addition to the $100 registration for the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at angel investors and other guests from outside the United States and Canada. If ACA members are interested in attending this event, please contact ACA to be added to a waiting list.

WBAA members are also invited to attend the main ACA Summit, beginning the evening of May 5th. A special discount applies so that you receive a $200 discount to the larger conference compared to the rate provided to non-members of the Angel Capital Association.

For information on the WBAA code, please email WBAA or ACA. Both organizations will separately provide the codes to potential attendees via promotional email messages.