A special benefit for ACA Summit registrants is access to the ACA Pathable Community. This Web and mobile application allows Summit registrants to connect with each other before, during, and after the event.

The ACA Summit is a place for old friends to reconnect, but many new people join us and want a way to meet other people with similar interests or with expertise in an area of special interest to them. The application is private, so only Summit attendees have access to the platform.

  • An on-line social networking community (a sort of private, branded Facebook or LinkedIn) where attendees get to know each other before the meeting starts and stay connected when it's over
  • Private meeting scheduler, so they get their meetings booked ahead of time
  • Easy-to-use conference calendar
  • Interactive exhibit floor map
  • See updated details on each session, including speakers, materials, and who plans to attend which sessions
  • Learn more about ACA partners and sponsors so you can prioritize your time at exhibit tables - many have great tools and offers for ACA members and/or your portfolio companies
  • Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry...) solution, etc.

The site is at https://2015acasummit.pathable.com/. Special thanks to Pathable, an ACA member portfolio company and Summit sponsor for this service!