Advanced Workshop on Capitalization Tables

Angels face many challenges when investing in startup ventures. One crucial, but sometimes overlooked, detail is the impact of new funding on the company’s capital structure. Whether funding comes as equity or debt, the savvy investor needs to understand how this round of funding will impact the ultimate outcome for all shareholders. So early stage investors need to be fluent in the structure of cap tables to understand the impact on their potential returns from current and future rounds of funding.

ACA in cooperation with VentureSouth offers entrepreneurs and investors alike a practical education in understanding the details of cap tables through the lifecycle of a startup venture.   This workshop will include a combination of presentations, exercises and a case study to illustrate common cap table mathematics a startup and its investors must consider. Among the important topics to be illuminated are the impacts of: valuation, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution terms, convertible notes, and option pools and vesting.

This workshop assumes some familiarity with basic cap tables, typical deal terms and Excel spreadsheets. (Basics of cap tables can be gained through the ACA webinar on the topic available here). Participants are urged to bring a laptop or tablet computer to the workshop to enable participation in the exercises.  

Workshop materials are provided with licensing of the program.  Delivery fees for Advanced Workshop on Capitalization Tables include a $500 fee for ACA members and travel expenses for the lead instructor.  Great value!

Workshop tools provided:

  • Full presentation and presentation notes
  • Faculty guide
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Agenda
  • PDF of slides to print for audience

Interested in hosting a workshop in your city?  Our workshop offerings are a great opportunity to introduce prospective and new angels to local angel groups.  Materials and faculty guides are provided for each program. If you have any questions, please e-mail Heather Krejci.

Approved Lead Instructors

Elaine Bolle
RTP Capital
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Elaine Bolle
RTP Capital
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Matt Dunbar
Greenville, SC

James Goulka
Jim Goulka
Arizona Tech Investors
Phoenix, AZ

Jean Hammond
Boston, MA

Kevin Learned
Sage Growth Capital
Boise, ID

Kevin Learned
Sage Growth Capital
Boise, ID

John Paulos
Central Texas Angel
Austin, TX

Bill Payne
Frontier Angels
Henderson, NV

Dan Rosen
Alliance of Angels
Seattle, WA

Rick Timmins
Central Texas Angel Network
Austin, TX

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ACA Member Access

Host Responsibilities

ACA is happy offer the high-value and low-cost program, Advanced Workshop on Capitalization Tables, to all ACA members.  The following information will provide you with the detail necessary for hosting the workshop.

  • The workshop cost is $500, plus the travel of the instructor.  Travel costs vary depending on where your instructor is traveling from.  You are responsible for coordinating with the instructor to make these arrangements.
  • Printed slides re necessary for each individual attending the workshop - printing costs vary.  Host will also need to send the excel worksheet to attendees the day before the workshop.
  • The host is required to secure the venue as well as all AV needs including a projector with laptop and microphones.
  • We encourage hosts to offer food and beverages. Food and beverages during the course typically consist of a simple continental breakfast with a coffee refresh.
  • Attendee invitation and registration are to be completed by the host.

*In an effort to ensure the high-quality of our workshops, and to respect the time of our course developers and instructors, shortened versions of this workshop are not available.

Educational Workshops Available to Members and Non-Members

Introduction to Cap Tables – one-hour webinar

An important part of any equity financing is the proforma capitalization table (referred to as the “cap table”).  Cap tables are typically prepared as an excel spreadsheet, and while these can be daunting for new angels and entrepreneurs to understand, they play a critical role in such financings. This highly informative webinar provides an overview of cap tables, their purpose, and how they are used.  Learn what a simple cap table looks like, the investor conventions used in creating cap tables, what happens when new money comes into the company and the impact of offering various classes of stock.  

This webinar is free for ACA members and is available any time, at the angel’s convenience.  It is a great tool to help newer group members to gain confidence, understand angel investing and get started in a smart way!   There is a small charge for non-members.

Access the Webinar

(Non-Members interested in the webinar, please contact Heather Krejci)