You Asked – and ACA Provides More Research and Education

By: Marianne Hudson, ACA Executive Director

I’m so grateful for the insights, wisdom and guidance we hear from ACA members.

We are in the midst of a robust strategic planning process that many ACA Board members have put in an unbelievable amount of time into.  I’ll spare you the full process, but a key piece was a survey of members and the extended startup support community.  You told us you value ACA education programs and public policy work, and wanted us to provide even more education, data-driven insights, and guidance regarding smart practices in angel investing. 

It’s a “ta-da” moment. ACA is announcing two new strategic initiatives that provide what you asked for.   

First, ACA is launching a new research initiative to provide you with greater insight to trends in angel investing, smart practices, and outcomes. Our first ACA research study, The American Angel, developed in partnership with researchers at Wharton Entrepreneurship, will be released tomorrow. We believe that this study is the most comprehensive look ever at American angels are, who they are, where they live, and how they make investment decisions. Don’t miss it.

That’s just the beginning. The next ACA body of research, set to launch in 2018 in partnership with a major university, will focus on angel group investments and the businesses they support. ACA plans to use the data to release quarterly reports showing average annual investment sizes, valuations, what sectors groups are investing in, and much more related deep-dive data.  But it will also dig much deeper:  you’ll be able to use this data to understand what investing practices lead to better investing outcomes and continue or adjust your own investing strategies as a result.

And, there are more new ways to improve your investing savvy. ACA is expanding our professional development programs.  We are launching new webinars.  Next up is a webinar in investing in artificial intelligence, which live airs on December 13, 2017. We launched the new Angel 101 class this month in Houston to great reviews. Watch for more opportunities coming soon, with many involving distribution of ACA member educational and other thought leading content.

Check out the strategic initiative page on our website and related FAQs to learn more about these two initiatives.  Watch your inbox for the official release of the American Angel report. 

Thanks for asking for more from ACA.  We’ve delivered.  As always, I’m eager to hear your feedback and ideas on how ACA can serve you better. Email me anytime with questions and ideas.


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