Recap of ACA Webinar: Investor Experiences with Online Equity Platforms

By: Villette Nolon and Heather Krejci, Angel Capital Association

Yesterday’s (January 13, 2106) ACA webinar on Investor and Entrepreneur Experiences with Accredited Investing Platforms was a great kickoff to the year. When you watch the recording, you will see why a record number of investors attended.  The accredited platform space is growing exponentially and the rules are changing rapidly.  Highlights of this timely webinar include:

  • Experiences of Angels and Entrepreneurs Using Accredited Platforms
  • Comparison of Accredited Platforms: Commonalities and Differences
  • What to Expect AFTER the Investment is Made
  • Risk Management for Angels and Entrepreneurs
  • What’s Next - Emerging Trends

Click here for a recording of the webinar and here for a copy of the slide presentation.

Additional resources include:

If you are interested in investing with an accredited investing platform, here is a great place to start your search for the right platform(s).

Stay tuned for more information on this topic – ACA has another webinar planned in spring 2016, just in time for the new SEC rules. 


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