ACA Visits DC With a Message: Entrepreneurs are the Engine for Economic Growth and Angels are the Fuel for that Engine


July 19, 2022 - ACA CEO Pat Gouhin, alongside Clay Rankin, Chris McCannell (not pictured) and Blair Hancock of GrayRobinson, P.A. were in DC this week on behalf of angel investors to conduct a series of meetings with legislators, regulators and government officials to set the stage for important priorities for the investor and entrepreneurial community.

This goal of the trip set the stage for the 118th Congress which will commence in early 2023 after the midterm elections.  

"We are working to serve the individual angel investors by protecting tax incentives that de-risk investment dollars in addition to driving capital formation that will leverage those early investments by providing additional capital opportunities for portfolio companies,” Pat said.

Among issues that are high on the priority list for 2023 include:

  • Preservation of QSBS (IRC Section 1202) and potentially enhancing future criteria that would increase the benefit to investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Preservation of the Accredited Investor definition thresholds and potentially opening up new measures of sophistication to enhance the pool of potential accredited investors.
  • Increasing Angel Fund caps from the current threshold of $10 million and 250 investors.

As we continue to advocate for capital formation, the team received a positive response to their messaging along with a pledge to work together in 2023 and beyond. 

About the Angel Capital Association (ACA) 

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