Check Out Stats on New Equity Crowdfunding Market Activity

By: Marianne Hudson, ACA Executive Director

Equity crowdfunding for all Americans is now more than two months old, and with that come some new stats on investment activity.  Among the key tidbits:

  • 70 companies registered offerings, requesting more than $35 million.
  • Nearly $5 million in capital was committed
  • The largest sectors for investment include wine and spirits, technology-hardware, entertainment and media, food and beverage, and real estate.
  • The largest funded deal to date is $1M in Beta Bionics, maker of a wearable medical device that manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, from 780 investors
  • 14 platforms have been approved for crowdfunding, and the report shows the distribution of offerings by platform

It appears this new market will take some time to develop.  Based on my interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, there are a lot of questions about the rules and some need for clarity with the complicated rules.

Additional stats and analysis are in the CCA Regulation Crowdfunding Indices, from Crowdfund Capital Advisors and Crowdnetic.  You can register for analyst reports with deeper information by emailing Sherwood Neiss.