ACA Seeking Nominations for Board and Committees

By: Marianne Hudson, ACA Executive Director

Know someone who would add great value to ACA leadership?  Could be you, could be someone else!  Each year ACA looks to add talent to its Board of Directors to keep the organization strong, growing, and evolving.  The board is now seeking nominations from the ACA membership at large of people whom you believe have great value to add to the ACA’s mission.  We seek members of the angel investor community who have demonstrated unusual ability to organize and lead others in angel investing activities.  We particularly seek nominations of people with experience in marketing, deal collaboration and syndication, building membership in angel groups, and in wielding political influence in high places.  We seek persons of high activity level, energy, and willingness to serve in order to advance the ACA’s mission.  Email your nominations to Dick Reeves, Chairman of the ACA Governance Committee, by February 22, and include your own comments about your nominee, along with the names and contact info of two others who know the person well and can attest to their value. You may nominate yourself, but please adhere to the two-person recommender formula if you do.

ACA Board seats are three-year terms, which begin on July 1.  ACA members approve a slate of new and renewing Board members at an annual meeting at the beginning of the ACA Summit, which this year will be May 9, 2016 in Philadelphia.  You can see members of the current ACA Board on ACA’s Mission and Leadership page.

Board members must be able to commit to supporting ACA work for three or four hours per month, including a monthly Board conference call, participation in a working committee, and other projects.  The Board meets in person twice per year, generally during the ACA Summit each spring and a North American event in the Fall.

One way for nominees and ACA to get to know each other is to participate in ACA standing committees or event planning committees.  Committees include Marketing, Membership, Grassroots Public Policy, and Collaboration.  If you’d like to know more about these committees, please contact me.

We look forward to getting more ACA members involved!


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